Friday, 17 September 2010

End of the Summer

The end of the Summer. One of my favourite times of the year. Time to hunt in your wardrobe for those hoodies that you adore and that save you from the sometimes bitter early morning chill and time to find your fingerless gloves for morning explores with the doggy. Every year, autumn comes and I find myself making preparations for the winter.
Today whilst walking Monty in the south fields, I spied a branch of Sloe Berries glowing a radiant dark blue amongst the green leaves and after hunting in my pockets found a cloth bag in which to stash some of the autumn fruits. After a half an hour of getting spiked by the thorns in the hedgerow, I had a full bag of the berries to show for my efforts and that is always a good feeling.
I plan to make Sloe Gin with the berries which is always a long process. I adore the fact however that after the Sloe Gin is made you can drink it and remember picking the berries (and caring for the cuts on your hands from the spiky bush, afterwards) and the drink tastes even better for having been made at home. Most of the Liqueur will probably be given away as Christmas presents but I probably have enough berries now for two bottles. Another couple of berry picking sessions and I shall have enough to get started!
Now all I have to do is find some small empty wine bottles with screw cap lids... I think its time for a trip to Sainsburys to sample some of their miniature wine bottles!


  1. Yay, this makes me happy (although I'm not a fan of the sloe gin) I can't wait to read the next episode :)

  2. Why was this the last episode! :( I miss your artisic genius and your random alcohol experiments!